All our Apparel is 100% pure linen, under the OEKO-TEX® certificate STANDARD 100.

About Especie

Founded in october 2019 by textile designer Sofia Yaffe, Especie Humana Textiles is a Tel Aviv based company that brings together a combination of textiles and art: atemporal linen clothing, home decor, ceramics, collaborations with other creative souls and knowledge about creative and technical processes.

Especie is aimed at people who appreciate local made and sustainable consciousness. People that enjoy the little moments in life: that break in the middle of the routine, the morning coffee, reunions with family and friends, walks in the neighborhood and markets. Living in the city does not prevent her/him from making a little trip out of town every so often. Especie wants to accompany you to create those quality moments with yourself and with your loved ones.


Our values:

Especie humana aims to be as sustainable as possible by searching for the balance between the protection of the environment, social equality and the economic viability. More important values for the company are fairness towards the prices of the products, and consciousness about every process made before the final product is done.

Especie believes in the process for reaching a better world, that is why since the beginning of the year 2021 it produces every product locally, and when buying fabrics, they are 100% pure linen, under the OEKO-TEX® certificate STANDARD 100.